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We have started to develop an organic/biodynamic garden on a 7540 m2 land that we own. We plan to set up a variety of workshops which would cater for a variety of needs and abilities. This could include crafts, cooking and catering, food processing, recycling and other community service workshops. The point being that these are not just occupational work settings, but offer ‘meaningful work’ which has a purpose, is needed by others in the wider community, has viable outcomes and good training possibilities. The exact mix of workshops would depend on a number of factors, not least who we have working with us and what partnerships locally we can find to help sponsor the work. Therefore we imagine a flexible programme that is adaptable to the needs presented to us by our ‘clients’, and the local possibilities accessible to them.

The work and training aspects of our service would be complimented by social and therapeutic inputs including art, music and dance, with the possibility of further one-to-one therapeutic support offered where it would be beneficial. In our experience of this work, forming a therapeutic and sheltered community around this work is always beneficial! Therefore we plan to provide a common meal each day, which of itself provides opportunities for meaningful work in cooking and catering, and involve the young adults in community sponsored events like celebrating the Christian festivals, organising social and cultural events, and participating in group outings.



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Asztali szövőszékünkön kézzel váltunk. Várjuk a helyet a nagy szövőszékeinknek

Figyelem, finom motorika, koordináció és a szép érzék fejlesztése

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